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Inside a Magical House of Books – The Idealist

Online design publication, The Idealist, take a tour of House of Books. Commenting on the houses modern interior design, they said:

‘SHH’s manipulation of perspective injects a sense of magic into this centrepiece also. The bookcase features clear, walk-on slots that sit flush with timber flooring on the first, second third and fourth floors of the house. The effect created by this is nothing short of spectacular. At any given moment, one is able to get a full, top-to-bottom view of the bookcase in its entirety.  Capped by a broad window fitted to the ceiling space immediately above it, catching this view in the correct lighting is certainly something special, asserting the house’s identity as the ‘House of Books’ whilst also dabbling with name’s fantastical edge also.’ –  Nigel Nunes, The Idealist

Head over to the idealist to read the full story: