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On the Inside Club

Designers continually seek out inspiration to help inform their design work. A perfect example of this is SHH Architectural Designer, Kristina Reingoldt who has just launched her new project OnTheInside.Club (OTIC). OTIC takes you behind the scenes in an artists studio, exploring their inspirations, motivations and technique. Reingoldt interviews talented up and coming artists, giving a fascinating glimpse in to their process.  Talking about the project Reingoldt said:

“Being an architect my self, I am also interested in the space they are working in, as I believe that the right setting is a crucial part of any creative process. Workshops and studios always intrigued me. I see them as magical places, full of mystery and stories to tell.

Therefore I decided to meet up with some talented artists and get an inside view of their working process and share their thoughts, ideas and inspiration with [my readers]!I am starting my journey in London, the city I have lived in for the last 10 years and the city that gives me endless inspiration and joy!”

Every weekend Reingoldt picks an area of London and maps out a walking route, taking you to a few galleries in one day, with the option to stop at some of her favourite coffee shops and restaurants along the way.


Image of Laurence Causse-Parsley taken by Kristina Reingoldt.