The Art of Lighting: A Trip to Delta Light

Our Architectural team recently travelled to the picturesque town of Bruges, Belgium to visit the Delta Light headquarters. They visited the showroom, head office and factory which are all housed in the same building. We spoke to Architectural designer Kristina Reingoldt to find out more.

Tell us about your trip

We travelled from St. Pancras to Lille by Eurostar, then travelled 40 minutes by car into the countryside to arrive at the Delta Light Headquarters. First we first saw their show room, where we looked at and spoke about the latest collection. Then we had a mini workshop; that was very interesting. It was held in a mini lecture theatre where they showed us different temperatures of lighting, how it can affect the space and mood as well as how it works with different coloured surfaces. We were shown how to use different tones of lighting.

What was the building itself like?

The building is really cool. They worked with local architects, so it wasn’t just a massive warehouse as you might expect, it had a little bit of architectural language. In essence it was a huge black building but with a large extruded glass box on the second floor. We didn’t go in this rooms, but I imagine it would be a great space to hold functions. There were interesting elements to the overall architecture and inside was all clean and tidy. They used really nice black panelling and very simple, geometrical shapes quite like their brand.

What was the coolest product you saw?

It’s hard to pick as they were all very well designed and interesting. One that stands out for me is an outdoor light. It is the outline of a metal rectangle, with the source of the light underneath. This creates a beautiful and unique profile.  They also had a big variety of wall lights that cast amazing shadows.

Were there any new technologies that particularly excited you?

They showed us a cool robot that wires their lamps. A human can wire a lamp in around 45 minutes, the robot can do it in 5!

What do you like about the Bruges?

This is the first time I have visited Bruges, it is very cute. It has really nice canals and buildings in the old part of town with a beautiful market square and a lot of well-preserved examples of Flemish architecture. It’s a great place to go for a city break and it is very romantic. There are lots of people but the atmosphere is calm and peaceful.

View the project HERE

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