An Ode to Home

Surrey Estate

Inspirational design is the outcome of partnerships formed with visionary clients. The vision of our client, owners of an Arts & Crafts home in the English countryside, is delivered in the form of a self-penned Ode to Home.

The ode gives expression to place, space, and the senses. It appeals to times past, present, and future. And the desire for home to nourish the spirit.

With our client’s highly personal collection of art and objects as a reference point, our design layers cultures, and periods in time, with the reclaimed and repurposed, set within an informal landscape that changes with the seasons.


Surrey, United Kingdom




Restoration, Refurbishment


8,500 ft² / 790 m²


Architecture, Interior Design, FF&E Design

A repository of objects
dating from the twelfth century
through to the twenty first.

A true collaboration, not simply the provision of a service, this project has been a process of mutual development and education that has benefitted all who’ve been involved.

The main staircase
brings together brass,
steel, leather, and timber.